I'm Andy

I use this site as a place for others to find resources, test web apps, and as a pointer for my resume.

I consider myself a tinkerer because I like to experiment. I tinker with programming languages, electronics, 3D printing, designing, and more. I love to learn and share that knowledge. Check out the resources section for content


Projects I have built and resources to explore

  1. andycouto.com code

    Find the code behind this website on my github

  2. Want to learn about bees?

    A pdf document for people looking to learn more about bees, their impact on agriculture, and how we can help.

    Updated October 2016
  3. Intro to 3D Printing

    A slideshow from a 3D printing workshop

    Updated October 2018
  4. Simple Rust Game

    Mouse over the pugs before they get to the player

    Updated September 2018
  5. Berzerk Rust Game

    A simplified berzerk remake

    Updated December 2018
  6. Want to try Steganography?

    Use these tools to embed secret messages in photos

    Updated December 2018


Bridgewater State University
B.S. Psychology May 2015
M.S. Computer Science May 2019

Recent Jobs
Panera Bread
Analyst, iOS Developer
January 2019 - present

Teaching and Technology
Graduate Assistant
September 2017 - January 2019

Circuit Lab
June 2017 - August 2017

UMass Amherst Cranberry Station
Research Assistant
May 2008 - June 2017

Apex Behavioral Consulting
Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist
Dec 2015 - April 2017